Personal Savings 
Make Your Dreams Come True 
You know the importance of putting money aside for the future. We know that not everyone can keep the same minimum balance. That’s why we offer two different ways to help you save. 
Statement Savings Account  
Open an account with just $100 and enjoy a low, fixed monthly requirement. 
Money Market Account 
We'll provide a higher interest rate for those who open an account with $2,500. You can even write a limited number of checks per month with this type of account. 
Both of our personal savings accounts come with the following benefits:  
  • Free Internet banking
  • Unlimited 24-hour access to the Bank-by-Phone Service
  • Up to 3 fund transfers between your accounts.
  • An easy-to-read monthly statement
  • FDIC insured up to $250,000
    Click here for our Online Personal Account Application. 
    Business Savings 
    Reach Your Goals 
    Which option works best for you? 
    Depending on your cash flow situation, you might need a savings account that you can readily access. Or, perhaps you are looking for a higher rate of interest. See which of our Business Savings accounts fits your business model, and then give us a call. 
    Business Statement Savings Account 
  • Minimum opening balance of $100
  • A low, fixed, monthly balance requirement
  • ATM card available for 24-hour access to the nationwide Star® network
    Business Money Market Account 
  • Minimum opening balance of $2,500
  • Earn a higher interest rate than with our Business Statement Savings account
  • Limited check writing privileges
  • Limited withdrawals per month
    All of our Business Savings accounts have the following benefits: 
  • FDIC insured up to $250,000
  • Easy-to-read monthly statement
  • Internet Banking to view current deposits, balances or download account info and import it into a financial management system like Quicken or MS Money
  • Bank-by Phone service to let you access account information anytime of the day or night
    To open a new account, click on the new account form below. If you have any questions about opening an account, please call one of our customer service representatives at 1-312-738-4956, 773-262-6400 or Toll free at 855-MakeitNRB. 
    Click here for our Online Commercial Account Application. 
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