National Republic Bank of Chicago Market Sensitive Deposits enable you to act on your market beliefs. Profit when you are right. Avoid loss of principal if you are wrong. 
Many investors often believe that a particular market index such as the S&P 500, Dow Jones Industrial Average or NASDAQ is likely to go up or even shoot up; yet they refrain from investing in those markets because they fear that they might lose substantial portions of their investments. Other investors may believe that the market value of a particular commodity such as gold, oil or copper is likely to increase— perhaps substantially— yet they refrain from investing in those commodities because they fear they might be wrong and they could suffer painful losses. Some investors may believe that the U.S. dollar price of a currency such as the Euro or Japanese yen is likely to rise or fall over a particular time horizon; yet they hesitate to buy the currency they expect to gain in relative value because they do not have enough confidence in their beliefs to take on the risk of being wrong. Likewise, some investors may believe interest rates are likely to rise significantly; yet the fear of being wrong makes them hesitate to position themselves to benefit from such a rise. 
When investors refrain from acting on their beliefs because they fear potential losses, they may find themselves with an overly large allocation of their assets in ultra-safe investments such as cash or certificates of deposit (CDs). Investors who do not act on their market beliefs often end up unhappy with their asset allocations and with the performance of their investments. They often regret not having participated in market gains that they foresaw.  
Many investors would like to find a way to act on their beliefs about which markets are likely to perform well yet protect against losses in case those markets do not perform up to expectation. Through our Market sensitive deposits, National Republic Bank of Chicago offers you a way to act on your market beliefs and protect yourself against market losses. If you would like to profit from your market views when you are right and avoid loss of investment principal if you are wrong, a Structured Investment from National Republic Bank of Chicago may be a good investment choice for you.  
With market sensitive deposits, you can participate in gains in:  

  • Equities,
  • Commodities,
  • Currencies and
  • Interest rates.
    The performance of a structured investment is linked to the performance of the market index, individual stock, commodity, currency or interest rate that you select. If that market index, stock, commodity, currency or interest rate performs well, then you participate in that gain. If it performs poorly, then you get back 100% of your principal investment. You lose no money. The portion of your structured investment that guarantees return of at least 100% of your principal.  
    How much participation in any market gain a structured investment offers you depends upon market interest rates, prices and conditions prevailing at the time you make your investment. In general, the higher the interest rate that CDs pay and the larger the amount you invest in the structured investment, the greater will be the participation rate that a structured investment offers. As CD interest rates change over time, the participation rates that market sensitive deposits offer change.  
    Once your participation rate is established, your return depends on how high the market index, stock, commodity, currency or interest rate rises over the investments term.  
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