Q: What is the difference between a Personal CD and Jumbo CD? 
A: Any CD in excess of $100,000 is considered a Jumbo CD.  Any CD under $100,000 is considered a Personal CD. 
Q: Who can apply for a Personal CD? 
A: Any individual or joint applicant can apply for a Personal CD. 
Q: Can Businesses apply for a CD? 
A: Businesses can contact our customer service department for Business CD products. Unfortunately Businesses do not qualify for Personal CD.  
Q: What are the available terms for a CD? 
A:  Lock in a great CD rate for 31 days to five years.  
Q: Where can I find the current CD rates? 
A:  You can view our current rates on our CD Rate board here. 
Q: What is the minimum opening balance for a CD? 
A:  Most accounts can be opened with just $1,000 with the exception of a 31 day CD which requires a minimum of $2500. 
Q: How long does it take to process my application? 
A: Once you complete and submit the application, the application is processed and you will be notified via email with the results within 2-3 business days. 
Q: How and when am I notified when my CD matures? 
A: The first maturity notice is sent 20 days in advance.  A second notice is sent 10 days in advance if no maturity instructions are given. 
Q: When my CD matures, how long do I have to renew or close the CD? 
A:  You have a 10 day grace period to notify us to renew or close. 
Q: Is my CD automatically Renewable? 
A: We can automatically renew your CD when it matures, giving you the opportunity to further expand your cash. 
Q: Is my CD insured by the FDIC? 
A: With your CD, you also enjoy the safety that comes from an FDIC-insured investment. Separate ownership options may provide even more coverage.The current FDIC insurance limit is $250,000 per ownership type. 
Q: What if I close my CD before maturity? 
A:  Principal withdrawn prior to the maturity date is subject to a penalty. 
Q: When do I start accruing interest on my CD? 
A: You begin earning interest on the day the account is processed, NOT the day the application is submitted. 
Q: Where can I find the fees charged? 
A: You can find our fees schedule by clicking here. 
Q: How can I fund my account? 
A: After completing the online account, you can choose from three options to fund the account. 
You can Wire transfer the funds to: 
The National Republic Bank of Chicago 
Bank Routing Number: 071002943 
1201 W. Harrison St 
Chicago, IL 60607 
You can Send a Check to: 
The National Republic Bank of Chicago 
Attn: Customer Service 
1201 W. Harrison St 
Chicago, IL 60607 
You can ACH the funds from your current financial Institution: 
Your current financial institutions routing number and account number are required. 
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